DIY workshop cabinet made with OSB and MDF

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OK, I completely messed up on the last attempt to build a big storage cabinet for the workshop. So let’s try it again!

The basic ideas for the workshop cabinet stayed the same: It should be big, keep a lot of stuff, be mobile. I wanted to build the cabinet myself and it should not be too expensive. After some hours of sketching by hand and in FreeCAD I came up with this:

Sure, not really a masterpiece in drawing, but you get the idea and I could continue on to a more detailed FreeCAD-plan.

The whole cabinet is made of 18mm OSB, the drawer fronts are made out of MDF. Later, I will paint the fronts with chalkboard paint just as I did with the workbench drawers.

The lower part of the cabinet consists of three drawers that will contain wood glue, caulking, paint, hardware and painting supplies.

In the upper part, the cabinet has four vertical drawers for screws and spraying cans.

This cabinet is my biggest project so far. It consists of approximately 80 parts, so the first part of the build process was to cut a lot of wood. When I had completed the parts for the cabinet body, I mounted it together to gain some free space again and then continued with the drawer parts. I assembled the lower drawers late in the evening so I couldn’ t use the compressor for them. For the vertical drawers, I used the nailgun because it’s a lot easier to cover the smal nails with wood putty for painting.

All together, it took around 15 hours to build the cabinet.

The last part of the project was to put my stuff into the cabinet. I combined this with cleaning and organizing the workshop and it took me almost another two days.

Next up will be our garden. We unfortunately ruined it in the winter when we drove our car over the frozen grass and now it will surely take us a few days to get everything ready again for the kids to play outside.

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