Short Intermezzo – A new guide rail for the circular saw

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Jeez, that one really made me upset. I had just finished cutting half a dozen sheets of OSB to size for a new shop cabinet carcass and then I noticed that nothung fit together

OK, I lost it a little bit.

For a solution, I tried to figure out what went wrong to rectify it. Pretty soon I realized that I had cut everything the wrong size. All the pieces where either too short or too long. On one piece, I even managed to cut one side too short and the other one too long.


Some more searching and I found out that I had cut into my circular saw guide rail when I build the workbenches. That was basically when my inner nerd told me to pimp up the next guide rail a little bit… Shortly after that I was the proud new owner of some plywood and a rubber mat from a local aldi supermarket.

First, I cut all the pieces on the tablesaw. The length of all pieces is 1400mm, the width of the bottom part of the guide rail is 250mm, the upper part is 100mm.

Next, I cut a rabbet into the underside of the bottom piece. For that, I pushed the bottom piece through the table saw vertically and cut away very thin strips until I had a perfect match for the 4mm plywood that would later form the cutting edge.

Nect I attached th cutting edge to the bottom piece using some small 10mm screws. This way, I can change that piece out when its beaten up and I won’t need to rebuild the whole guide rail then. 

The rubber mat was tehn attached using spray adhesive and for the top part, I found some leftover epoxy to glue it on.

With a little time and some weights, I got a pretty decent guide rail. If you want to see some impressions of it, just click on the youtube video below. Happy building!



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